quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Tears in The Rain...

"The dead of night brought you by
Silently, softly, by surprise
Hooded in tension and fear
And good will

The sweet princess came
Entered the gray chariot
Sparkly eyes longing to meet
Mixed feelings
Eternal dreams
The touch of hands
Energy flooding

Whispered spells
Speaking words of love
And joy and eternity
Love embraces
The rain fell outside
Like tears rolling down
Loosing themselves
In a moment lost in time
Memories of a joyful life
Thorn apart into pieces
Mistakes, by all means
Pain and sorrow
The hooded princess there
The sweet eyes, never lying
The taste of kisses
Longed for so many times

Hidden away into an angel's place
Souls of an unmistakable right encounter
Lost in the lust of love
Seeking pleasure
Trembling in desire
And the universe stood still
In another dimension of time
Where no doubts paired in the air
And there was only love around

And time could keep going like forever
But the sandman warned the sleep to come
Time to souls back down the body
And the enchantment to be over
And they're gone
The sleepy princess left the chariot
Leaving her scent behind
Leaving dreams not dreamt
Leaving an empty space
Where there were fulfillment then

Crossed paths
Drifted apart
Unknown reasons
Not to last
And the rain kept falling
As the princess disappeared amidst the mists
Leaving his old heart bleeding
In useless and unseen drops
Like tears in the rain..."


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